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Interstate 20/59 is 37 miles away accessible by 2 lane roads going West towards Meridian, or North towards York.

US Highways

US 84 runs East to West along the entire Southern Portion of Choctaw County.

State Highways

Highway 10 Runs East to West along the entire Norther portion of Choctaw County.
Highway 17 Runs North to South through Choctaw County.


Gennessee & Wyoming railroad runs along the Northern Portion of Choctaw County. Click link for more information.


Tennessee-Tombigbe Waterway runs along the entire Eastern Border of Choctaw County. Please click link for more information.

Hours Of Operation


8:00 AM - 4:30 PM


305 South Mulberry Ave
P.O. Box 180
Butler, AL 36904

T  /  205-459-3459
​F  /  205-459-4359
C /   205-604-8085